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The Great Man Within

Apr 12, 2021


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There are two sides of mental health:

The treatment side and the training side.

Most of what we hear about is the treatment side – where mental illness resides.

What too few of us have access to is the mental...

Apr 9, 2021


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In this...

Apr 5, 2021


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Jayson Gaddis is the founder and CEO of The Relationship School, whose mission it is to help you build safe, sexy, and successful romantic relationships.

He runs The Relationship School Podcast which has millions of downloads and...

Apr 2, 2021


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I’ve pulled my 6 most popular posts on Instagram – as liked, commented on and shared by the women in my...

Mar 29, 2021


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One of the traps we can fall into sexually is figuring out what we like, and then turning the fulfillment of that desire into a mechanical series of repetitive experiences.

Over time, what was once exhilarating becomes rote, dull,...