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The Great Man Within

Aug 31, 2020


In a former life, I identified as a sex addict.

While that version of me seems like a foreign person to me now, he’s most certainly and will always be a meaningful part of my life story.

I’m grateful for those 4 years I journeyed through sex addicts anonymous…a quest that quite literally gave me a brand new...

Aug 28, 2020

#159: One of the surefire ways to sabotage your performance (and overall well-being) is to be inept at establishing and maintaining powerful boundaries.


As Dr. Henry Cloud says in his book Boundaries: When to Say, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life:


“Boundaries help define your soul, and they help you to...

Aug 24, 2020


“From a very early age, men learn that performance is the only thing that matters.”

– Dr. Michael Addis


So what happens to a man’s inner world when he isn’t performing?


As it turns out, it’s quite a bit of a mystery…not only to the outside world, but to the man himself.


Living a life where...

Aug 21, 2020

#157: “Brules” can sabotage your life.


In Vishen Lakhiani’s book Code of the Extraordinary Mind, he introduces the concept of Brules (bullshit rules).


Brules are unconsciously chosen and untrue beliefs that govern your life, often at the expense of living your Purpose.


Here are 4 Brules I see governing many...

Aug 17, 2020

#156: Great leaders adapt first.

Unfortunately, too many leaders are trying to fit the square peg of their “non-pandemic era” leadership into the round hole of the present moment.

And it isn’t working.

That’s why I’m seeing leaders burning out, frustrated or at the very least…not fully engaged in their work...