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The Great Man Within

Dec 28, 2020


“My father always said…
…never trust a man whose TV is bigger than his book shelf.”

– Emilia Clarke

You all know Bryan and I are huge advocates of reading books as portals to help you discover and live The Great Man Within You.

But we all know the experience of dedicating 5-10 hours in reading or...

Dec 25, 2020

#195. Register for the 31-Day Mentally Tougher Man Challenge:

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I polled 200 women who follow my Instagram Account on these three...

Dec 21, 2020

#194. You guys know that Bryan and I are passionate believers that drifting is the #1 enemy to living a powerful life.

Drift is that state of existence where you think you’re in conscious control of the decisions you’re making…but in actuality it’s your unconscious beliefs, outdated habits and patterns that are...

Dec 18, 2020

#193. Join 100+ Men for the 31-Day Mentally Tougher Man Challenge

  • January 1-31
  • Daily challenges emailed/texted to you
  • 7 themes: meditation, cold showers, breathwork, pushups, reading, journaling, creating


Info & Registration Here:


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Dec 14, 2020

#192. Register for the (free) Mentally Tougher Man Challenge for January 2021:

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I’m pumped about today’s episode about the 7 Habits of...