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The Great Man Within

Jul 29, 2019

#30: You guys are still really digging the 11 ideas for your morning routine podcast.

We love hearing your success stories from implementing the techniques we shared as well as your follow up questions.

Here’s one of the most persistent questions:

“What do I do about my evening routine (it’s a disaster!)”


Jul 22, 2019

#29: I recently stumbled across an “article title generator” website.
Since the topic of this week’s podcast is masturbation, I figured it would be the perfect time to test it out the “article title generator.”
So I typed in the word “masturbation,” and promptly got 231 responses.
Here are my 5...

Jul 15, 2019

#28: If you’ve been a regular listener of our podcast, you’re probably used to Bryan and I spilling our guts all over the interwebs about some pretty personal stuff.

Namely, my journey through Sex Addicts Anonymous, 4 years off of porn and masturbation, and Bryan’s experience being diagnosed with testicular cancer...

Jul 8, 2019

#27: One of the questions Bryan and I get asked most is:

How do I find my purpose?

The question comes with consternation and in two forms:

1. You have no idea what your purpose is (that feels helpless)

2. You have a general sense of the direction, but don’t know exactly what it is or how to get at it…you just know...

Jul 5, 2019

#26: This is Bryan and my reaction to the interview with Paul Brunson that we released earlier this week - Billionaire Habits from a Man with 10 Businesses.

After we release our interviews with our guests, Bryan and I often get asked:

  • What did you think about what guest XYZ had to say?
  • Do you agree with their position...